2014-06-17 ECUADOR

Meeting of Hearts in Solidarity : October 2014

The objective of the meeting of the Inter-American Sub-Commission of Solidarity in Quito, Ecuador, at the beginning of May (1 to 10 ), was to prepare for the V Hearts in Solidarity meeting to be held from 26 to 31 October in Quito. This meeting will mark a new stage in the journey of Marist solidarity which has been taking place in the Americas for more than a dozen years. It will bring together close to a hundred Marists (brothers, laity and youth) from all the administrative units and districts, as well as members of such Marist organisations as FMSI, SED, CMI, Secretariat of Mission etc. A letter detailing the choice of participants for this meeting will be arriving soon. 

This V Meeting of Hearts in Solidarity has as the main objectives :

* Sharing the best experiences of solidarity in line with the principles guiding our Marist way of acting (Ex. « With the Montagnes of today » etc.) and identifying the challenges which will allow us to go farther. These guiding principles can be found in Chapter V of the book which has just been published : Paths of Marist solidarity in the Americas : the rights of children and young people.

*Studying further the methodologies,  mechanisms and structures which encourage the participation of children and young people in the taking of decisions within our Marist works considered in their  diversity.

* Promoting an active participation of the youth considered as leading agents in the life and promotion of solidarity.

* Moving forward in the construction and reinforcement of the Marist solidarity network, within each province, between the provinces and with other non-Marist organizations working for the same ends.

Members of the sub-commission :

  • Br Miguel Orlandi (Rio Grande do Sul)
  • Mr Juan Carlos Pellón (Santa María de los Andes)
  • Mme Maria del Socorro Alvarez Noriega (Mexico Central CIM) – Co-ordinator
  • Br Réal Sauvageau (Canada)

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