2020-01-06 CANADA

Meeting of Marist pastoral teams from Canada and the US

From December 13 to 15, the Provincial Animation Committee (CAP) from Canada met with part of the Lay Marist Steering Committee from the United States in Rawdon.

The meeting provided the opportunity for all to share from their particular situation: to ask questions about the different cultural and spiritual contexts, different styles of formation, the objectives and challenges of each team in responding to different groups and ages of family members, the understanding of the charism and how each perceived presence with young people.

Following the regionalization process recently started in the Americas, it seemed natural for the two teams to get together around the same table and jointly develop possibilities for the future.

During the meeting, members of both provinces had the opportunity to realize that they are part of the same team, with the challenge of exploring differences and recognizing them as opportunities for learning and mutual enrichment. The hope is that opportunities for collaboration emerge that creatively support local Marist initiatives.

The meeting made it possible to move forward in developing the identity of lay teams, at a time when the General Chapter calls us to live out our global character, recognizing the complementarity of differences in Marist life across the Institute.

By way of conclusion, the meeting drew out these words: brotherhood (and sisterhood), motivation, gratitude, wisdom, confidence, led by the Spirit, core, family.


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