2023-01-31 PERU

Meeting of Post-Novitiate Brothers of the América Sur Region

From January 12-28, nine young Brothers from the América Sur Region participated in the post-novitiate formation meeting in the cities of Lima and Chosica, Peru, in the Province of Santa Maria de los Andes. The objective of this period was to deepen the meaning and identity of Marist religious consecration to become a brother passionate about the Gospel, a seeker of God and His will, a disciple of Jesus Christ in the manner of Mary. It also aimed to foster the process of vocational discernment in view of their Final Profession.

The Brothers who took part in the meeting were: Bruno Marcondes (Brasil Centro-Sul), Carlos Henrique de Oliveira (Brasil Centro-Sul), Gabriel Brito (Brasil Centro-Norte), Gilber Galarza (Santa María de los Andes), Gustavo Leocadio Vieira (Brasil Centro-Norte) Jefferson Bonomo (Brasil Centro-Norte), Luciano Taminski (Brasil Sul-Amazônia), Luiz Carlos (Brasil Centro-Norte), Nathan da Costa Cardoso dos Santos (Brasil Centro-Sul) and Rafael Reinaldo Rodrigues Fernandes (Brasil Centro-Sul).

During their stay in Peru, the participants were accompanied by Brothers Cesar Borja (Cruz del Sur), Isidro Azpeleta (Santa María de los Andes), Joaquim Sperandio (Brasil Centro-Sul) and Lucio Dantas (Brasil Centro-Norte).

During the meeting, the young Brothers had a cultural immersion in the Peruvian culture, with the intention of learning more about politics and religiosity. In addition, guided by Brother Ángel Medina, director of the Secretariat of Brothers Today, the Brothers studied and reflected on Marist consecrated life and the role of the young Brother in the Institute.

With the aim of deepening the theory, the Brothers had experiences of solidarity in communities on the outskirts of the city of Chosica, where they came into contact with different realities of the Peruvian people.

At the end of the meeting, there was a retreat led by Sister Maria Inês, former president of the Conference of Religious of Brazil, which helped the young Brohters to reflect on consecrated life and prophetism in the Church and in society.

For Brother Nathan da Costa, from the Province of Brasil Centro-Sul, “this moment helped us to glimpse our future in the Institute, cultivating in us the aspect of Global Family and forging in our hearts our identity of being Marist Brothers and understanding what our role is in the project of Salvation and in the dream of our Founder”.


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