2023-05-22 MEXICO

Meeting of the Board of Gier International Corporation

The meeting of the board of directors of the international entity Gier International Corporation was held in Mexico City, Province of Mexico Central, from May 15 to 17. The corporate entity was registered in the State of Delaware, USA and is operated from the State of Puerto Rico.

The participants of the meeting were Br. Jorge Gaio (General Econome and president) Jorge Juárez (México Central), June Cruz (Brasil Centro-Sul), Br. Libardo Garzón (Norandina), Br. Brian Poulin (USA) and Br. Goyo Linacero (General Administration). Br. Patrick McNamara (General Administration) represented the other international entity (Fraters Maristen Internationalaal).

The work of the participants was the diagnosis of the mission realities that are at risk, the approval of the financial statements for 2022 and the work plan for 2023 and 2024.

During this meeting there was the possibility to have a videoconference with the other board members of Fraters Maristen Internationalaal.

The group also took time to share with Br. Martín Rocha Pedrajo, Economo General of the De La Salle Brothers, about the new challenges of the canonical and civil structures in the development of the mission.

Two legal entities at the service of the global family

On 18 November, the General Council approved the constitutions and statutes of two international legal entities at the service of the Institute. With the creation of the Corporation “GIER International” and the Association “Fraters Maristen Internationaal” (Marist Brothers International) a major step has been taken from a legal point of view to help the Congregation and the Administrative Units in their various needs.

The two international entities facilitate the care and support of the Marist mission areas, particularly those that may be in greater weakness. They also help the interconnection between different civil and canonical instances of the Institute for a greater internal effectiveness and solidarity.

Its purposes also include meeting the needs of formation, solidarity, charity, integral human promotion, evangelization and education, channeling aid or receiving donations, and supporting internal and external alliances. They represent a useful mechanism for the needs of the organizations and networks of the Institute or of regional and interprovincial instances that need some type of legal coverage.

GIER International Corporation operates from the United States and the Association “Fraters Maristen Internationaal” from the Netherlands. The two institutions have separate governance and management bodies with reserved powers and defined functions. The governance board of both is the General Council and the two Management Boards are composed of individuals from various Administrative Units and Regions.


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