2021-07-03 GENERAL HOUSE

Meeting of the International Commission of Brothers Today

The International Commission of Brothers Today (ICBT) met online on June 28 where the main agenda presented by the Secretariat were the process of the revision of the Formation Guide and the Year of Marist Vocations.

The process of the revision of the Formation Guide is now in the listening stage. This was incidentally the main subject of the recent meeting of the International Commission for the Revision of The Formation Guide on June 23. In this stage, the members will be reaching out to brothers, lay people and other groups to reflect with them basically on what Marist Formation should be. For this, the Commission of Brothers Today will be collaborating with the Commission for the Revision in connecting with the whole of the Marist world.

The Secretariat also presented to the ICBT the proposal for the Year of Marist Vocations and the itinerary leading to its launching on May 20, 2022. During this period, the ICBT will be working closely with the Secretariat in designing the logo and theme, writing the prayer, and composing the theme song, among others. In the plan, the Year of the Marist Vocations will culminate on June 6, 2023.

In attendance at the meeting, other than the Secretariat, were: Anselmo Kim (Korea but is now in Vietnam under the District of Asia), Aureliano Garcia Manzanal (Spain, of the Province of Mediterranea), Ebel Muteveri (Zimbabwe, of the Province of  Southern Africa), Juan Carlos Bolaños Viscarra (Guatemala, of the Province of Central America), Marcio Henrique  (Brasil, of the Province of Brasil Centro Norte), Sefo Une (Samoa, of the District of the Pacific), Tiamaro Alphonse (Madagascar, but is now part of the staff of the Marist International Center in Kenya), Simon Serero (Papua New Guinea, current rector of the Marist Asia Pacific Center in the Philippine)

Br. Teofilo Minga helped in the translation.


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