2022-11-17 GENERAL HOUSE

Meeting of the International Commission of Child & Vulnerable Adults Safeguarding

From the 31 October to the 2 November the International Commission of Child & Vulnerable Adults Safeguarding held a meeting in the General House in Rome. The Commission welcomed two new members, Elizabeth Gallagher from Australia and Fernando Dominguez from the province of Mediterranea. Both have brought considerable experience to the commission and their input to the work of the commission is greatly valued.

The Commission discussed various important themes as we looked at the needs of the institute in the important area of the protection of children and vulnerable adults. Much time was spent discussing the need to ensure that provinces had developed and implemented their own child protection policies.

The importance role of the provincial protection officer was also looked at. There was also some discussion around the various experiences of compensating victims of childhood sexual abuse.

The members of the commission are: Br. Ben Consigli, General Council; Fernando Dominguez, Europe (L’Hermitage); Br. Fortune Chakasara, Africa (Southern Africa); Elizabeth Gallagher, Oceania (Australia); Br. Ken McDonald, Chair – General Council; Nancy Camilleri – Europe (West Central Europe); Br. Óscar Martín, General Council; Br. Rogerio Mateucci, América Sur (Brasil Centro-Sul).


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