2021-10-05 GENERAL HOUSE

Meeting of the International Commission on Marist Spiritual Patrimony

The International Commission on Marist Spiritual Patrimony met once again this year, 2021. Held virtually, as in previous years, the meeting consisted of two sessions, one on the 20th and the other on the 23rd of September. It was attended by all its members and the two leaders of the Brothers Today Secretariat. Br João Carlos do Prado was present for a moment and spoke on behalf of the General Council. Br. Teófilo Minga helped with the translation.

Taking care of our history and looking to the future

The themes in progress since the last two meetings of this year were taken up again. Another volume of the FMS Studia collection is being prepared, based on the work of Br Gabriel Michel, with an important contribution from Br André Lanfrey. Much time has been devoted to the Marist Notebooks, both in defining their form of publication and dissemination, as well as their relationship with the content of the next issue 40.

On the other hand, Dyogenes Philippsen, layman in charge of the Marist Memorial in Curitiba (Brazil), formulated a number of ideas to enhance the publication, which is now more than 30 years old, and to make it more accessible and recognised from a scientific point of view.

Br Allan reported on a survey to be carried out on documents relating to the Marist presence in China from its beginnings. Much of this documentation is in the Hong Kong memorial and is written in Chinese.

Br Michael Green took up the subject of planning a Heritage Course, the initial plan for which has already been sent to Committee members for their comments and suggestions. The topic is on the agenda and is scheduled to take place in 2023.

In order to continue the above-mentioned projects and other matters, another virtual meeting of the Commission is scheduled for 25 October.

Invitation of the Commission to all Marists of Champagnat

We invite all those interested in research and dissemination of Marist themes to send us their contributions, in the form of articles or reports related to historical, spiritual and other research. A survey is being prepared with the Provinces in order to guarantee the type of distribution and access to Marist Notebooks for all the Brothers and Lay people of the Institute. To consult the articles published, we highlight the publication, in the last number 39 of CM of an exhaustive work carried out by Br André Lanfrey with thematic indexes and authors of these 30 years of CM (1990 – 2020).


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