2008-03-28 GENERAL HOUSE

Meeting of the Marist Branches regarding Patrimony

Marist Notebooks, issue nÂș 24, was recently released by the printer. The issue contains important news, various research studies and documents, and the Minutes of a meeting held for the four Marist branches. The meeting took place on June 24, 2006; the topic was Marist Patrimony. Brother Pedro Herreros, General Councilor, and the Patrimony Committee members had invited the major superiors of the other Marist branches to the meeting held at the Rome-based Generalate of the Marist Brothers. The principal goal of the meeting was to share information concerning the present state of patrimony research in each of the Marist branches; a second goal was to share information about the formation of those who will conduct patrimony research in the future.

Father Kevin Mowbray explained the present state of patrimony research among the Marist Fathers, a work in which about twenty Fathers are involved. As to the contemporary research among the Marist Sisters (S.M.) and the Marist Missionary Sisters (S.M.S.M.), Sister Vivienne, S.M., explained the direction which the two communities have followed, receiving help along the way from the Brothers and the Marist Fathers. For his part, Brother André Lanfrey reported on the present situation of Marist Brothers? research. He made reference to research projects conducted over the past ten years, many of the projects appearing in ?Marist Notebooks?.

At the meeting Brother Andrey Lanfrey reported on the status of his research about the suitability of using the expression «Society of Mary of the Hermitage?. Among other comments, he stated that, ?positing the hypothesis of a Society of Mary of the Hermitage, having as it does a solid historical and intellectual basis, I must admit that the Brothers would fully understand their reality only within the framework of a utopian and mystical matrix going well beyond the Hermitage framework. If there be a Society of Mary of the Hermitage, it could be understood as solely one focal point of a single Society of Mary.? In issue nÂș 24 of Marist Notebooks the author?s reflections on the topic are set forth at length.


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