2021-04-27 GENERAL HOUSE

Meeting of the Marist Life Area of the General Administration

The Marist Life Area of the General Administration met virtually on June 13 and 20. The meeting was planned to be held in March 2020 and then in June, but it was not possible and was held virtually.

It was the first time that it met as an extended group, including not only the secretariats, but also the international commission of Brothers Today and the members of the extended Secretariat of the Laity. Therefore, the main objective was to get to know each other.

Br. Ernesto Sanchez was present on the first day to welcome the participants, as well as to give his message of thanks and encouragement. Each member of the group introduced himself, highlighting especially his own Marist history. On the first day it was the turn of the brothers and lay people from Asia, Africa and America and on April 20 those from Europe, Arco Norte and Oceania.

Besides the dynamic of getting to know each other, this series of meetings is also a space to explain what the Marist Life Area consists of, how it fits into the Strategic Plan of the General Administration and what are the expectations of its members.

Space has also been set aside for the Lay and Brothers Today Secretariats and the CMI (Collaboration for International Mission), together with LaValla200> and the Postulator General to present their respective plans and initiatives.

The following list shows the composition of the Marist Life Area.

– Secretariat of the Laity: Raúl Amaya, Agnes Reyes, Manuel Gómez

– Extended Secretariat of the Laity: Ana Saborío, Carole Wark, Elias Odinaka, Marcos José Broc

– International Commission of Brothers Today: Tiamaro Alphonse, Anselmo Kim, Aureliano Garcia, Ebel Muteveri, Juan Carlos Bolaños, Marcio Enrique, Sefo Une, Simon Serero

– Postulator General: Guillermo Villareal

– Cmi-Lavalla200: Valdícer Fachi, Jeffrey Crowe

– Brothers Today Secretariat : Lindley H. Sionosa, Ángel Medina

– Link Councilors: João Carlos do Prado, Óscar Martín, Sylvain Ramandimbiarisoa


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