2023-01-14 SPAIN

Meeting of the Province of Compostela

Brothers, affiliates, and lay Marists. of the Province of Compostela met on January 2 in Salamanca to celebrate as a family the 19th anniversary of the constitution of the province. Among those present was Brother Ă“scar MartĂ­n, General Councilor.

During the provincial meeting, some provincial issues were discussed:

  • The Provincial, Br Máximo Blanco Morán, presented the 6 master lines of the Province for this three-year period.
  • Brothers RaĂşl Blanco and Antonio Leal, from the provincial council, reported on the development of the spirit of solidarity through the works and social projects promoted by the Montagne and Champagnat foundations, as well as the Lar Marista de Ermesinde.
  • Br. Lisardo Miranda, Provincial Councillor, spoke about the Lay Marist Vocation Forum, held recently in Rome.
  • Br. Tomás Briongos explained the present reality and future perspectives of the Marist work in Honduras.

At the meeting, the province celebrated the life of Jubilarian Brothers: Santiago Fernández, Pepe Calleja and Alberto García celebrated (60th anniversary); and Jacinto Escudero celebrated (50th anniversary). Br. Máximo gave the jubilarians the traditional gifts: a sculpture of the Virgin, work of Br. Santamarta, to the brothers who celebrated 60 years of religious life, and the Gold Badge of the Province to Br. Jacinto.

The Eucharist was held at the Champagnat College and was presided over by Don Paco Buitrago, a former student of the Salamanca College.

The meeting ended with a meal together in the school dining room, and thanks to the “Brothers Today” Team that organized the day of fraternity and Marist life, on the occasion of the 206th anniversary of the founding of the Congregation.


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