2015-10-06 GUATEMALA

Meeting promoted multiculturalism, internationality

Thirty-nine Brothers and laity gathered in Guatemala City for the Inter-American Encounter of Vocational Animation from Sept. 16 – 20 under the theme ‘A vocational animation with a tent as the heart.’

“It was a very positive experience to see the quality of the participants, Brothers and laity, as well as the dynamism that exists in the administrative units in relation to the subject of vocation,” said general councillor Brother Ernesto Sánchez, who was among the participants.

“I was invited to offer a talk one morning on the issue of vocational culture,” he told the general house press office on Sept. 27. “Besides helping me catch up on the subject, I think the subject was very well received and generated a profound and positive reflection.”

He told how the encounter kicked off with two “very motivating video messages” from superior general Brother Emili Turú and the provincial of Central America, Brother Luis Gutiérrez, who is also president of the permanent council of provincials of the Inter–American Conference of Provincials.

Br Ernesto noted that the meeting “was important to innovate structures and processes of formation and qualification of its animators to promote Marists – brothers and laity – mystics and prophets, sensitive to the calls for multiculturalism and internationality.”

“It sought to guide one of the main lines of the strategic planning of the Inter-American Commission on Spirituality, Brothers and Laity, and in particular the Subcommittee of Brothers of the Inter-American Conference of Provincials,” he added.

“The moments of prayer that were shared were deep and we also enjoyed moments of fraternity, leisure and culture,” Br Ernesto stated.

This was the first encounter of vocational animation for Marists across the continent and it is expected to reoccur in the future.

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