2021-11-30 GENERAL HOUSE

Message from the Mission Commission highlights the commitment of the Marist Institute to protecting children

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The tenth message of the Marist International Mission Commission of the Marist Institute is entitled “Defenders of rights and committed to a culture of child protection in all Marist Missions”. Divided into two parts, the message underlines what Pope Francis has mentioned repeatedly and what the Institute wants to be fundamental to its mission:

“The protection of minors and vulnerable persons is an integral part of the Gospel message that the Church and all its members are called to proclaim throughout the world. … we all have the duty to welcome openheartedly minors and vulnerable persons and to create a safe environment for them, with their interests as a priority.” (Pope Francis – 26 March 2019)

The first part of the message was written by Br Alberto Aparício and María del Socorro Alvarez Noriega, with the collaboration of Mónica Yerena Suárez. It seeks to show how the institute promotes, protects and defends the rights of children and young people and their empowerment as agents of transformation.

The second part focuses on the culture of child protection, starting from the verification that, since the Institute’s origins, this concern has been central in pastoral activities. This section of the message was written by Br Ken McDonald, General Councillor.

The Marist International Mission Commission, made up of Brothers and Lay people, took on the task of reflecting on the centrality of Marist mission in today’s world. In this link you will find all the messages that the Commission has published since January.

If you would like to share your ideas, reflections or experiences with the Commission following this message, you can write to the following e-mail address:  fms.cimm@fms.it

PDF: English | Español | Français | Português


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