2020-12-05 GENERAL HOUSE

Message to all those who are involved with Marist Volunteering

We are very happy to write you this message, on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the International Day of Volunteers.

In 1985, with resolution 40/212, the United Nations instituted the International Volunteer Day to celebrate, appreciate and value the work, time and availability of volunteers around the world.

We take this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude to all, Brothers and laypeople, of whatever age and origin, who are participating or have participated in volunteer initiatives at all levels of the Marist Institute: at the inter-provincial or provincial level, in schools, universities, social centres, communities or any other Marist work, as well as in institutions that collaborate with the Marist Institute, whether in the Church or in civil society. Thanks also to all those who, despite the pandemic, did not give up their service as volunteers, and found creative, safe and generous ways to freely offer their time and energies in favour of the most needy.

We also want to thank those who coordinate and mentor the volunteers: the Province Coordinators of Volunteering – CPVs, the tutors, those responsible for pastoral care, the trainers, the host communities, the families and all those who have welcomed and created spaces for the life and mission of the volunteers. 

In these complex and challenging times of uncertainty and fear, as well as the constant changes in our societies, there is a growing awareness that the world needs more and more people who are willing to volunteer, to live in gratitude and solidarity, and to collaborate in building a culture of encounter.

Motivated by Pope Francis’ message of 27 March: “No one is saved alone”, we are invited to continue living fraternity in service and we hope that the challenges and needs of today’s world will find people motivated to be volunteers, living the Marist charism in a culture of encounter, becoming “Beacons of Hope” and creating “Homes of Light”. 

Department Collaboration for Mission, International – CMI

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