2022-01-28 MEXICO

Mexico Central promotes the care of the Common House among young people

On 20 January, 44 young people from different Marist Institutions and other organisations met to share their projects and dreams for the care of the Common House. Karime Guillén Libien (BIOVATEC / UAEM) participated with the presentation “Change for a sustainable world” and Alejando Caballero (movimiento Escazú Ahora MX / Ateneo) shared about environmental/climate activism: truths and learnings.

Between these presentations, there was a space for dialogue between students in different working groups such as:

  • Consumerism as a polluting factor
  • Applied solar energy
  • Life is a cake with different slices
  • Recyclock, GEMAR 2030
  • A cafeteria committed to the environment
  • From the garden to the Common House
  • Intercam and Green Diplomacy

The invitation that remained was: “Let’s transform our lifestyles that damage the planet and our society: let’s be the change we want to see in the world!”

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