2023-07-08 MEXICO

Mission Assembly in the Province of Central Mexico

The Marists of the Province of México Central met from June 21 to 24 in the city of Querétaro to hold the Provincial Assembly of Mission and outline the future of the mission co-responsibly.

172 delegates, including students, teachers, parents, administrative and service personnel, directors, brothers, counselors, and members of the provincial teams represented the voices of thousands of Marists united through common reflection and dialogue.

Starting from an analysis of the national and international context in different spheres: political, economic, social and cultural, the Marists recognized the current strengths of the Marist mission in the province, and also the areas of opportunity to subsequently outline the desired future. This great provincial dream includes realities such as:

  1. An inclusive education that views difference as wealth; based on listening, dialogue, participation, respect and care, which generates community.
  2. Critical reflection, awareness of local and global reality. And the experience of values from organized action for the care of people and the common home.
  3. Youth leadership and transforming solidarity as the axis of educational processes.
  4. The construction of affective and effective communication.
  5. The practice of the SDGs.
  6. Listening to all communities to resolve problems among all.
  7. Bring to life the Marist transversal axes: spirituality, transformative solidarity, participation and leadership of children and youth, inclusion, care for the common home.

Likewise, a proposal was made to invite society in general to:

  • Make a team working in community, and actively cooperating.
  • Be vanguard.
  • Contribute from everyday life and small actions.

As a province, it has been confirmed the option to favor intentional spaces for listening and dialogue that allow co-responsibility in the Marist mission. After this beautiful experience of Pentecost, it is time to systematize the shared ideas, return the fruits of this experience to the local assemblies, and propose consistent paths towards the expressed dream in each provincial reality.


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