2019-01-25 GUATEMALA

Mission: the weaving continues

The International Meeting of Young Marists came to a close and the last day was filled with unforgettable experiences for more than 150 young people who have taken part in these six days of sharing  their life. 

On this day, the participants had the opportunity for closer contact with the General Superiors of the four Marist branches. The young people were divided up according to their connectionwith the Marist Fathers, Sisters, Missionary Sisters or Brothers. 

They had an opportunity to get to know them better, to ask more detailed questions and to discuss what it is to be Marist today and the challenges that are presented. Truly, a completely gratifying experience for the young people. 

The Meeting concluded with a mass led by the Marist Fathers and the missioning of the group of young people who will take part in the World Day of Youth in Panamá. 

A vote of thanks was given to all those who contributed to the organization andcarrying out of the International Meeting of Young Marists 2019. 

The young people made their goodbyes with hugs, photos, selfies, laughs and, of course, they continued to sing the hymn that accompanied them during the whole week: "Weaving Life."   


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