2006-06-14 MEXICO

Missionary Pentecost

In the Province of México Central, it is more and more frequent that young people aged between fifteen and eighteen and some from university dedicate Holy Week to sharing their faith and their life in small villages where they go on mission.
This year, to celebrate God who gives us his Spirit amongst the poor and those whom we evangelise, we organised a youth vigil called ?Missionary Pentecost?. Our aim was to celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit, to share the fruits of our mission of Holy Week and to fraternise with other missionaries.

These twenty-four hours were an occasion of fraternising for about one hundred missionaries from several colleges. They played, reflected, prayed and sought the will of God for each one from the life of each one.

The College of México Bachillerato, our host, offered for our reflection the rock opera ?Jesus Christ Superstar?, presented by the students themselves to remind us of the passion, the death and the resurrection of Christ and to put us into the spirit of the day?s theme.

In the afternoon, evangelical messages were expressed by contemporary dance and liturgical dance. As well, we played a very interesting game called ?The conquest of seven gifts?, an activity that consisted of seeking gifts.

The highlight of our day was the Eucharist, in which all participated by forming seven teams (the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit). The celebration started with an entry dance during which incense was brought in, and then there was a ceremony of forgiveness during which we were all attached to a cord to remember our personal and social sin. Father Enrique, the celebrant, blessed us with holy water and untied us. There was then a dance to welcome the Bible and a dramatisation of the Gospel. For the prayers of intercession we used an indigenous Mayan ceremony, ?the blessing of the four corners of the world?, to pray for all the people of the earth. There was the presentation of gifts which symbolised our missions and a very moving peace dance.

It was a very enriching time during which each group of missionaries could share the fruits of their mission: what they had learnt, the values discovered among the people, what was for each one a personal maturation occasion and especially the experience of the faith of a simple and poor people who entrust themselves totally to God.

A sweet taste remains for us in our mouths when we discover that God is present in our missions. In evaluating them, we realise that He has done marvels and that we are happy.


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