2021-03-20 GENERAL HOUSE

Movement in Lavalla200> March 2021

Two significant events have happened these days in the Lavalla200>, International Communities for a New Beginning.

On March 9, Br. Nnodu Onwutalu, from Nigeria, completed his three years in the Lavalla200> community at Atlantis, near Cape Town in South Africa. In a note to Br. Nnodu, the Superior General, Br. Ernesto wrote, “Our thanks … You have had a wonderful experience of an international, intercultural community! … You are a trail-blazer for all the brothers of the African continent … you made a choice to be open to a wider understanding of our Marist vocation and to head off to the unknown in faith.”

On this Wedneday, March 17, Rosa Schiaffino (Mediterránea) and Br. Luis Sanz (Santa María de los Andes) head to Cuba (Holguín) from Guatemala. It has been a long wait for the visas to come through but now they are on their way. Br Jorge Gaio in Holguín is overjoyed to welcome them. Br Ephraim from Central America has been staying with Jorge these past 3 months. Rosa and Br. Luis have prepared a short video to introduce themselves.

If you are interested in dedicating a significant amount of time in a Lavalla200> community, please contact your provincial or write to cmi@fms.it.


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