2020-11-24 SPAIN

Network of Marist Communities in Europe

For years now, in the Marist Region of Europe (MRE), we have been reflecting on and defining a new project which we have called Network of Marist Communities in Europe. Networking is already a reality in the region in some other fundamental areas of our life and mission: ministry, solidarity, formation, etc.

There are many communities, brothers and laypeople, who, in one way or another, have participated in the reflection and implementation of this project.

There are four principles on which the Network is based:

We promote a new and enriching vision that encourages us to walk towards a “global family” to generate and nourish Marist life and mission in Europe in all its diversity.

We feel called to encourage, accompany, and strengthen communities focused on fraternity, which cultivate a spirituality based on the encounter with God, with oneself and with others. Thus, we respond in a concrete way to the emerging needs that challenge us as Christians and Marists in connection with the local church and/or other institutions.

We share, as a network, synergies, people, mission, life, communication…, from a global availability, to offer a more hopeful view of the Marist future in Europe.

We build homes of light as Marists of Champagnat, involving ourselves passionately in the creation of a family lifestyle open to all in order to respond to the calls of the XXII General Chapter.

Video presentation (Moving)

They are not a group of “special” communities, as if they were a “selection” that would serve as an example to others… It is simply a matter of promoting a new vision by overcoming provincial barriers. It is open to other communities that feel this call. At present, eight communities in different provinces have begun, and we present them in a simple way with this video.

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