2014-11-04 GENERAL HOUSE

New Appointment to Cmi

Brother Pedro Chimeno from Argentina is a member of the Marist District of Asia, presently on leave to complete his studies in his province of origin, Cruz del Sur. He has been appointed by the General Council to assist with the Secretariat of Collaboration for mission, international [Cmi] as a collaborator.

Br Pedro will strengthen the Cmi network with particular attention to the administrative units which have Spanish as their language. He will facilitate the international collaborative work of these provinces, districts and their associated regional conferences and be a point of reference and administration for them as we move towards the creation of “International Communities for a New Beginning” 

Br Pedro introduces himself with this short biography

Born in Balcarce, Buenos Aires, on the 2nd of September 1981. When he was 3 years old, his family moved to San Rafael in the province of Mendoza, where he attended the local Marist School. There he met the Marist Brothers and, moved by their life style, decided to join in the adventure of living as a brother. After 4 years of formation he took first vows in 2004. In 2005 he was appointed to his first community in Nogoya, Entre Rios. In 2006 he moved to a community in Morón, Buenos Aires, where he began studying Social Work at the University.



In 2008 he joined the Missio ad Gentes project going to USA for English courses and to the Philippines for a preparation time to go to Asia. In 2009 he made the final vows in Buenos Aires wishing to be “a living sign of the Father’s tenderness”. That year he was assigned to Cambodia and joined a community in Phnom Penh to study Khmer language, and immerse in the culture culture. He collaborated with the Marists in setting up new community projects.

In December 2013 he returned back to Argentina to continue his University studies. Nowadays brother Pedro lives in Buenos Aires studying and doing different jobs in his province of Cruz del Sur. After completion of studies it is his hope to return to the Marist District of Asia.


Towards a new beginning...


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