2021-04-20 GENERAL HOUSE

New Frontiers – Emerging Realities: Message of the Marist International Mission Commission

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The Marist International Mission Commission, made up of brothers and lay people, has taken on the task of reflecting on the centrality of Marist mission in today’s world. The messages already published are: “The Pandemic and our Marist mission“, “Leadership and our Marist Mission“, and “Innovative Marist Mission in our Educational Institutions“. Today we present the 4th message: “New Frontiers – Emerging Realities”.

The message written by Br Ken McDonald, on behalf of the International Commission, focuses on the Marist task in today’s world, affirming that “transforming the lives of children and young people particularly those on the margins is foundational to Marists of Champagnat”.

In this way, he stressed, “Marcellin’s original intuition continues to be relevant in the world to­day”. The message sent to the Institute on 20 April resonates well with Pope Francis’ firm invitation to have compassion for the marginalised, especially in this time of pandemic, when so many people suffer increased exclusion, especially from education: “It is a time for free and disinterested missionary communities, which do not seek prominence and advantage, but rather walk the paths of the people of our time, stooping to tend to those on the margins. It is a time for communities that look disappointed young people in the eye, that welcome strangers and give hope to the disheartened.”

Download PDF: English | Español | Français | Português


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