2020-11-13 SOUTH AFRICA

New Horizons II Project in Southern Africa continues implementation process

Having completed the pilot phase in Malawi, the Project was launched for the Province of Southern Africa in July 2019.  After a slow start due to the nature of the project, coordinators embarked on the implementation strategy. The closure of schools in March meant a suspension of project activities since the project is precisely school based.  In some countries it was possible to carry out some activities at a small-scale.  The first year of the project has been extended to December 2020 to allow completion of planned activities.

Since the commencement of this project, a lot of good things have happened starting from the pilot phase in Malawi.  Vulnerable students in two schools have received donations of textbooks and desks.  In addition, two new projects have emerged at two institutions in Malawi namely: the Girls Empowerment Club at Balaka and Mothers Group at Likuni, Lilongwe. Those projects aimed at assisting girls remain in school and in some situations reintegrate girls back into school.  It is obvious that at the end of three years Marist and some non-Marist institutions will benefit from the New Horizons II project immensely.

In the last meeting of the African Mission Commission, October 23rd, a report of the project was presented. At the same time, the Commission highlighted and recognized the effort of the Secretariat for Education and Evangelization of the Institute and the FMSI team who are assisting in this project that is making impact on the lives of those members of society that live on the margins of life.

New Horizons II project

The New Horizons II has various activities that aim at achieving the following expected results in the Southern Africa Province Africa (Angola, South African, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia, and Zimbabwe):

  • Increased access to quality education for children and girls from poor and marginalized families in 21 Marist schools in the 6 countries involved, involving local experts already trained in New Horizons 1
  • Strengthened capacity of Marist Schools to uproot violence and discrimination against children in school and community environments by adopting a child rights approach and inclusive teaching methods so to ensure children well-being 
  • Increased capacity of school leaders and teachers to drive school improvement towards quality standards of education and sustainability 
  • Reinforced the Education system at institutional level in terms of its capacity to advocate children rights.

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