2020-09-07 GENERAL HOUSE

New Lavalla200> communities appointed for 2020-21

In mid-July, a group of 7 laypeople and one Brother completed 10 weeks of ‘on-line’ preparation and discernment for joining the Lavalla200> initiative.  The Superior General worked closely with the Vicar General and Br Oscar Martin, General Councillor, to prepare a list of proposed appointments. This has now been confirmed with the respective Provincials and the new members themselves.

  • Atlantis, South Africa: Br. Tony Clark (Australia) / Mariana Morones (Mexico) / Denise Hernandez (Mexico) / Maria Liezel (Liz) Igoy (Philippines) / Br. Luke Fong (Fiji; has been in Tabatinga for 1 year) / Br. Nnodu Onwutalu (Nigeria, until April 2021)
  • Holguín, Cuba: Br. Jorge Gaio (Brazil, for one year more) / Br. Luis Sanz (Chile) / Rosa Schiaffino (Spain, having completed 2 years in Syracuse)
  • Moinesti, Romania: Br. Mario Meuti (Italy) / Br. Fabian Rubio (Spain; has been in Bucharest) / Qalista Dhony (Malaysia) / Esmeralda Caudel (Mexico)
  • Mount Druitt, Australia: Br. Lawrence McCane (Australia) / Br. Fabricio Basso (Brazil) / married couple, Ruben Galego and Silvia Martinez (Spain)
  • Siracusa, Italy: Regina Biasibetti (Brazil) / Br. Ricky Gomez (Venezuela) / Br. Giorgio Banaudi (Italy) / Enrique Munoz (volunteer from Spain)
  • Tabatinga, Brazil: Br. Paul Bhatti (Pakistan, for one more year) / Mario Araya (Chile) / Mayra Gutierrez (Mexico) / the possibility of a Brazilian Brother.

Brothers Valdicer Fachi and Jeff Crowe, responsible for Lavalla200> in the General Administration, said in the letter they sent communicating the new appointments: “We wish our new members God-speed in their first steps of getting to their destinations.  We have asked them to keep their current employments until possible travel dates are clear. Our thanks to Br Fabian Rubio (and the Provincial of Ibérica) for his joining the community in Moinesti in the coming year. Likewise, to Enrique Munoz (and the Provincial of Mediterranea) for volunteering one year of his life in Syracuse. Their presence will enable these two communities to continue to flourish.”

Some Members of the Project are finishing at the end of 2020:

Diogo Galline and Juliana Fontoura (Atlantis, Brazil Centro-Sul); Silvia Perez and Ricardo Mino (Holguin, Santa María de los Andes); Br. Jonnel Sisneros (Mt Druitt, East Asia). Martha Martinez (Tabatinga, México Occidental) has had to withdraw now for health reasons.


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