2012-12-03 GENERAL HOUSE

New Marists in mission

Preparations for the II International Marist Mission Assembly are well under way. In June, the Preparatory Commission held its first meeting and developed the proposal relating to the project , theme, place and date of the Assembly.

In September, during its plenary session, the General Council approved the holding of the  IIIMMA, from 17 to 27 September 2014, in Nairobi, Kenya. It will be held in the House of  Spirituality of the Sisters of Dimesse. It will be an extraordinary opportunity for fostering  communion, integration and exchange between the Marist world and this region of the Institute. Marist Africa will share the vitality and dynamism with which it lives Marist life and with the whole Institute.

The Assembly’s theme will be : « New Marists in mission ». Reflection will revolve around three main axes : a) Spirituality ; b) Brother-Laity : vocation and relationship ; c) Evangelisation. The theme echos the calls of the XXIGeneral Chapter and responds to the new sensibilities of the Institute and the Church today.

At the end of March 2013, the Preparatory Commission will send out material for the preparation of the Assembly  which, as in 2007, will propose a process to live and celebrate :

* Local phase : April to December 2013.
* Provincial phase : January to July 2014.
* Regional phase : after the holding of the Assembly in September  2014.

The Preparatory  Commission will meet again in Rome from 3 to 7 December 2012, to continue preparing all the material and information to be sent to the  Administrative Units in March 2013. It will need to be able to count on a Preparatory Commission in each Administrative Unit to watch over the different  phases of the process of preparation.

We are already willing to accept suggestions relative to the logo, the chants, prayers and materials which will help in living the preparatory process for the Assembly. Suggestions can be sent to Br João Carlos do Prado ([email protected]), co-ordinator of the Commission.

It is in April 2013 that the Marist Institute will commence this process of preparation for the  Assembly in parallel with other events and celebrations of the Institute and the Church. We are invited then from now on to dispose our hearts and spirits to receive this novelty which the Lord has in store for us. With Mary and Marcellin, « New Marist in mission » !

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