2021-07-13 CUBA

New members of Lavalla200>

Br José Manuel Acal Francés (Ibérica) and Enrique Muñoz Becerra (Mediterranea) have been commissioned by Br Ernesto Sánchez, Superior General, as members of the Lavalla200> initiative. They will go the communities at Holguin (Cuba) and Syracusa (Italy) respectively.

Br. José Manuel y Enrique began their preparation and discernment at the end of April with weekly personal conversations, followed by some workshops via ZOOM, a week together in Rome and finally two weeks embedded in the Syracusa community.

Br Ernesto thanked them for making themselves globally available, the seriousness of their preparation, and encouraged them in their commitment to vulnerable people and to build homes of light, communities for a new beginning. He also thanked the Provincials concerned for their generous collaboration.

Enrique and Br. José Manuel will take up their new missions this year when formalities are complete and visas obtained. 


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