2014-11-21 THAILAND

New Models of Animation, Administration and Government

The Asian Regional Meeting on New Models was held from 27 to 29 October in the Camillian Center of Bangkok, Thailand. It was the sixth and last of the regional meetings planned for the diagnostic phase which goes up to January 2015. In addition to the regional meetings, visits are being made to the administrative units, documents collected, the main persons responsible interviewed, and meetings conducted with the leaders of each administrative unit present at the regional meetings.

At the Regional Meeting of Asia, 27 persons from the provinces of South Asia, East Asia and the Marist District of Asia took part. The International Commission and the Project Team were represented by Br Michael Green and Peter McNamara (Australia) and João Carlos do Prado of the Mission Secretariat, while   Lucas Olivari and Francesco Fusco attended on behalf of the consultancy firm AT Kearney.

The meeting was excellent and produced significant contributions for the design of new models. The results of the discussion were very important also for the animation of Marist life and mission in the region. It was a time of integration and fraternization among the administrative regions which live in a very particular context, in all senses, if compared with the other situations of the Marist world.

We are very grateful to all those taking part in the meeting and to the District of Asia, which was responsible for all matters of logistics and infrastructure.

The delivery of results and reflection with the General Council on the report of the investigation is planned for February 2015, together with the beginning of the outline of proposals for the future which will rely on the   contribution of all the administrative units during the first semester. The consolidation phase for the proposals will take place from 10 to 14 July 2015, by means of an international meeting in Rome, involving the presence of preferably two invited per Administrative Unit, the provincials and those responsible for co-ordinating the implementation of the proposals in each Province and District.


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