2014-06-23 GENERAL HOUSE

New Models of Animation, Governance and Management Project

In June we evaluated the process and results of the visits to the Provinces and Districts, and the Regional Meetings carried out ​​in the Americas. We also held several meetings in Rome with AT Kearney: Project Team, from June 14 to 17; International Commission on June 21; and meeting with the General Council on June 23.

The goals this month were: 

  • Assessing the visits and regional meetings held in the Americas and the South Asia Province.
  • Sharing and evaluating the results of the work done so far.
  • Planning the upcoming visits and regional meetings in Africa, Oceania, Europe and Asia.
  • Developing the research on the Marist Institute’s organization throughout history based on the General Chapters.
  • Seeking a way to communicate more effectively with the Administrative Units in order to promote better understanding of the New Models Project and a wider participation of brothers and lay people.
  • Specifying the Project’s activities and strategies for 2014 and 2015.

The evaluation of the Project’s first phase in the Americas was very positive. It was a great learning experience for the Project Team regarding the methodology of the visits and regional meetings. It assured enough knowledge, synergy and proximity to all Administrative Units. We defined a first global picture of Marist life in the Americas with a special focus on animation, governance and management. Thanks to the contributions from the participants in the regional meetings and during the visits to the Administrative Units, we are now sketching possible scenarios regarding our topic for the future of the entire Marist Institute.

A word of thanks to all Provinces and Districts of the Americas, and to the Marist Province of South Asia for their availability, involvement and participation in the Project. We place all the visits and regional meetings planned for the second semester in other areas of the Institute in the hands of Marcellin and our Good Mother.


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