2020-02-06 BOLIVIA

New novices in Medellin and Cochabamba

La Valla International Novitiate – Medellin, Colombia

On February 2, 2020, in the city of MedellĂ­n, Colombia, Pedro PinzĂłn (MĂ©xico Central), Mesvin MarroquĂ­n, Gerardo Rivera (AmĂ©rica Central) and Ernesto Da Costa (Norandina) officially began their novitiate under the title “Mary, simple Mother of the people”. In their presentations, the new novices expressed their desire to follow Jesus in a simple way and close to the realities of our people.

Taking part in the celebration were Brothers Provincial HipĂłlito PĂ©rez (AmĂ©rica Central), JosĂ© Sánchez (MĂ©xico Central), CĂ©sar Rojas (Norandina) and Pere FerrĂ© (L’Hermitage).

Together with the 4 new novices, another 5 novices are beginning their second year, having made their first during the year 2019.

Champagnat Novitiate – Region of South America

On the same day, the feast of the Consecrated Life, the beginning of the novitiate was celebrated in Cochabamba, Bolivia, where the novices of the five provinces of the South American Region are formed. The three formators welcomed eight novices: one from the first year (Brasil Centro-Norte) and seven from the second year.

The ceremony of entry into the novitiate was attended by the five provincials who were taking part in the meeting of the Regional Council.


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