2021-11-17 GENERAL HOUSE

New Ongoing Formation Team

The Superior General and his Council have appointed a new team for the Ongoing Formation of the Institute. It will be made up of Brothers: Br Xavier Barceló, from the Province of L’Hermitage, appointed for three years; Br. Michael Sexton, from the Province of Australia, appointed for three years; Br. Antonio Peralta, from the Province of Santa María de los Andes, extended for 10 months (in continuity with the previous team).

The new team, which begins its mandate in January 2022, will be based at the General House and will be part of the Community of the General Administration. From there, they will animate the various courses and programmes that are organised, in person and online, using the facilities of the house in Manziana, of the General House itself, and travelling for the formative actions that are organised in the Regions.

This team, co-ordinated by the Brothers’ Secretariat Today, will work to animate this area of formation in its various aspects. Among its first tasks will be to draw up the plan for ongoing formation for the next three years. In 2022, several courses are already planned, in continuity with the online formation begun by the current team in 2021.

We seek to move forward with ongoing training, responding to today’s needs and calls. It is a necessary instrument of growth which, as the Constitutions say (n. 78), is the responsibility of all, personally and as a community.

Joe Walton (Southern Africa), Joaquim Sperandio (Brasil Centro-Sul), Teófilo Minga (Compostela) and Antonio Peralta (Santa Ma. de los Andes) who will conclude their service next December. The Institute is grateful for their dedication and generous service to the Institute in this area of ongoing formation.  We also thank the Brothers Today Secretariat for their accompaniment in this area.


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