2023-03-04 COLOMBIA

Norandina Province defined action plans for 2023

The city of Cali, Colombia, hosted the Provincial Assembly of Coordinators of Marist Life and Mission of the Province of Norandina from February 6 to 10.

The meeting began with formation in Marist Leadership. The theme was guided by Brothers Juan Sebasti├ín Herrera and Alexnnys Flores, after their participation in the Diploma Course “Servant and Prophetic Leadership” promoted by the Institute and held at the PUCRS of Brazil in the year 2022.

Following this space, the 9 areas of animation (Solidarity, Education, Evangelization, Laity, Economic Affairs, Spirituality, Formation, Vocation and Communications) reflected in the light of the calls of the VII Provincial Chapter, which allowed to discern during the meeting the various operational plans of the provincial projects and subsequently define the annual schedule of provincial advocacy activities.

At the end of the meeting, the mission councils of the three countries that make up the province (Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia) met to socialize what was planned and conclude the assembly with the general evaluation and the sending Eucharist.


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