2022-09-03 COLOMBIA

Norandina Province has launched a formation programme for teachers

This programme, intended for teachers in Marist schools, is entitled “From La Valla to the Hermitage – Marist Education Pathways” and will run from 2023 to 2025.

The formation programme, to be led by the Brothers, is made up of six strands, which can be summarised in the following phrases:

From a personal experience
to a universal educational project
aimed at having an impact.
It is grounded in reality,
and draws on our Marist sources
to throw light on the future.

Each of these strands will be pursued over a period of six months, with two workshops per year being presented in each Marist educational institution of the Province.

From 19-23 August, the plan was presented to the Brothers of the Province, meeting in Cali, and on 26 August to the schools of Colombia, in Popayán.

Presentation of the Marist Education Pathways presented to the brothers

The Brothers of the Province of Norandina met in Cali, Colombia, to undertake different activities to get them on board with the formation programme.    

The meeting began with a day of training led by Brother Jaume Pares Casellas, from the Province of L’Hermitage.  This focused on Marist pedagogy, looking at the experience of Marcellin in the educational field. In addition, the output of early General Chapters and teaching methods based on Champagnat’s pedagogy were studied in small groups.

Br. Carlos Alberto Rojas Carvajal, Director of the international Secretariat for Education and Evangelisation, spoke about the Marist Global Schools Network, set up as a platform for school communities to have the opportunity to interact globally and conduct activities of interest to educators.

Another important moment was the presentation of Br Leonardo Yepes Núñez, National Education Coordinator, on the inspirational ideas that underpin our mission as educators. These were based on the spirituality inherited from Father Champagnat and the first Brothers. These ideas will form the basis for the next workshops to be carried out together with the teachers in Marist educational institutions. 

Working on the formation programme with the schools of Colombia

On the 26th August, the Champagnat School of Popayán, Colombia, was the gathering point for the presentation of the formation programme, ”From La Valla to the Hermitage”. All the teachers in Marist schools of Colombia took part in this day, some present in person and others online. 

During the day, Brothers Leonardo Yepes Núñez and Geovanni Velasco introduced the logo of the programme, as well as the phases in which it will be developed over three years. As a central point, Br. Jaume Pares, from the Province of L’Hermitage, gave a conference on ”The Educational Legacy of Marcellin Champagnat”.

Then, each school, working in small groups, reflected on how things are going for them and what might strengthen their Marist aims. The conclusions were presented in a plenary session.

The meeting concluded with some words from Br Orlando Escobar, Provincial, who invited the educators to remember their daily mission and commitment to the education of the children and young people in their care.


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