2024-02-11 COLOMBIA

Norandina Province Life and Mission Leaders Assembly 

From January 29 to February 2 the Assembly of Life and Mission Leaders of the Norandina Province was held in Cali, Colombia. The meeting was coordinated by Br. Orlando Escobar, Provincial Animator, who invited the 40 participants from Ecuador, Colombia, and Venezuela to spend a few days reflecting on the challenges of the province.

During the meeting in Cali, the leaders of animation in the areas of solidarity, evangelization, education, laity, spirituality, economic affairs, vocation ministry and communications met to reflect on the reality and challenges of the Province, as well as to evaluate how the Operational Plan for 2023 was carried out and to elaborate the action plan for this year. 

The assembly was attended by Vanderlei Soela, psychologist and lay Marist from Brazil, who shared the conference “Looking beyond”, highlighting the importance of seeing reality from another side, making an immersion in new realities and always with an open mind, based on the Marist charism.

The meeting was an opportunity where the participants made an analysis of the reality of the three countries that make up the province from the experience that each one lives, offering advances and strategic plans based on the introspection carried out, which led to reflect and evaluate what the Marists in the Province want to achieve with a vision of provincial communion that is reflected at the interprovincial level.


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