2007-10-11 MEXICO

Novitiate in Morelia

The Novitiate in Morelia is composed by six novices from Central Mexico (4 in their first year and two in second), four novices from Western Mexico (two in first year and two in second) and now we have opened our doors to five novices from Haiti. This new intercultural experience has brought a new atmosphere to the Novitiate and it is enriching both groups.

The novices are accompanied by Brothers Antonio Cavazos, Luis Felipe González and Gilles Lacasse. The latter is a Canadian brother who comes from Haiti.

Besides sharing their studies with members of other congregations at the Inter-religious Center of Morelia, our novices carry out their ministries in the Marist works of the city, as well as in the Center for the Protection of Minors and in a hospital. The novices from Haiti take advantage of their time by trying to improve their Spanish, and mainly their Mexican.

Standing at the back: Alex, Beto, Fabrice, Fernando, Adelçone
Standing closer to the front: Parnel, Adam, Toño (Master of Novices), Pedro
Next in the middle: Edmundo, Jean Elysé,
In front: Toño, José Merced, Mario, Valentine, Beaudel, Luis Felipe (formation team).
Absent: H. Gilles Lacasse (formation team)


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