2016-06-28 GENERAL HOUSE

On the way to the XXII General Chapter

The General Council usually celebrates two annual plenary sessions and during these sessions, it holds a meeting with the five Secretariats and with coordinators of other services of the general administration. This year’s meeting was on June 20 and 21 with around 25 participants.

The General Council will present its report on the animation of the Congregation during its mandate at the next General Chapter. The integration meetings aim at gathering information and establish the lines of that report.

It aims to inform on the mandate and the future horizon it received during the Chapter in 2009 and provide the capitulants with data that allows them to become aware of the Institute's reality to encourage reflection and discussions in the next Chapter in September 2017.

The General Council prepares the report with the support of the Secretariats and offices of the general administration. This report will be available in May 2017.


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