2017-08-11 ITALY

Open up to the light

The programme 'Amanecer' course for Spanish and Portuguese speaking Brothers, aged 70 – 80, is taking place from June 24 – Aug. 24 in Manziana, Italy.

Brothers Landelino Ortego Guerrero, from the Norandina Province, and Alfonso Levis, from the province of Brasil Centro Sul, are animating the programme.

They affirmed it is an invitation to “open one’s self up to the light, to the morning. Freshness of the beginning, hope for the new (…) a pace of closing and opening, of finishing and beginning, of processes and goals.”

Speakers include superior general Brother Emili Turú, Br Juan Jesús Moral Barrio on anthropology of the elderly brother, Br Ramón Benseny on interpersonal relationships of the elderly, Br Carlos Huidobro on honouring spirituality (humanity and affectivity), Br Ernesto Tendero, on following Jesus and Water from the Rock, Dr. José Ma Pérez – Soba Díez del Corral on Laity and brothers around the charism.

Also, Br Xavier Barceló on personal prayer and community life, general councillor Brother Ernesto Sánchez on our story of salvation, Father Antonio Gascón on Marianist spirituality , Sister Mari Carmen Rodríguez on integral health in the maturity of religious life, Br José María Ferre on Mary today, and the Identity and Mission of Brother, general councillor Br José María Soteras on the elders in the Bible.

The course also included a trip to France to visit various Marist places around L’Hermitage, from July 22 – 31.

Participants include: Brother Feliciano Arroyo Lozano (América Central); Brothers Celestino Oveja Medina, Melchor Berciano Travesí, Antonio Augusto (Compostela); Brothers Martín José Sarobe Santesteban, Dionisio Blanco Hoyuelos, Fernando De Vicente Muñecas (Ibérica); Br Sergio Gutiérrez de Velasco Ortiz (México Central); Brothers José Ernesto Naranjo Terán, Rafael Herrera López (México Occidental); Brothers Hernán  Gómez Osorio, Santos García García, Landelino Ortego Guerrero (Norandina); Brother Alfonso Levis (animator, Brasil Centro-Sul); Father Carlos López (Chaplain, Claretian) and Brother Manuel Ortiz Laforga (Marianist).


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