2022-05-25 GENERAL HOUSE

Opening of the Year of Marist Vocations

The Year of Marist Vocations kicked off on May 20 with three Zoom meetings held at 6:00 AM, 2:00 PM and 10:00 PM, Rome time. Hosted by the Secretariat of Brothers Today with the collaboration of the Department of Communications, the program was also steamed-direct on YouTube.

The live parts were those of Brothers Ángel Medina and Lindley Sionosa, directors of the Secretariat of Brothers Today, which were the welcoming- introduction at the beginning, the closing-concluding at the end, and the brief interventions in-between segments. All the other parts were delivered as pre-recoded videos, even though in one, if not all, of the of the video conferences, the speakers were virtually present as participants.

Br. Ernesto Sanchez, Superior General, was the first to give his message. He said that the Year of Marist Vocations is a time in which we wish to celebrate and give thanks for the gift that we have received as Marists of Champagnat. He added that it is also an occasion to take up again with strength and enthusiasm the theme of Marist vocations, from the perspective of a renewed vocational culture.

After Br. Ernesto’s message was the music video “Cántalo a Una Voz” (Sing it in One Voice). This song was composed by Br. Angelito Gonzalez from Venezuela.

What followed were the messages of the Link Councilors of the Marist Life Area, Br. Óscar Martín, Br. Sylvain Ramandimbiarisoa and Br. João Carlos do Prado. Afterwards, another song was rendered, this time from a group in the Philippines, entitled, “I am. You are. We are”.

Next to speak were Raul Amaya, the Director of the Secretariat of the Laity, and the co-Directors, Agnes Reyes, and Manu Gomez. This was succeeded by the Prayer for the Year of Marist Vocations, using a video participated in by Marists from Lebanon, Rwanda, Spain, Philippines, Colombia, Portugal, Australia and Bolivia.

After the prayer, another video was shown that featured Marists from different parts of the world proclaiming in different languages, “There is great value in being Marist today!” along with several one-minute sharing on “Why am I Marist?”.

Towards the end, Brothers Angel and Lindley made some announcements, gave the acknowledgments, and brought the program to a close.


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