2024-02-12 GENERAL HOUSE

Other Marist Voices 37 and 38: Leadership / fraternity and recognition

The publication of “Other Marist Voices” continues, messages inspired by the book “Marist Voices” related to the development of servant and prophetic leadership in the Marist mission.

Other Marist Voices 37 was written by Br. Juan Carlos Robles Gil Torres, Educator, and accompanier of indigenous communities in the Province of México Central, who addresses the theme Leadership: the warp and woof of an educational journey (English | Español | Français | Português > VIDEO). The message refers to chapter 14 of Marist Voices (Decision-Making Competency), written by Br. Robert Teoh.

Other Marist Voices 38 was written by Julien Monghal, Delegate for Marist trusteeship in France, and Director of Association Marcellin Champagnat – Province of L’Hermitage, who addresses the theme “Leadership: charisma, fraternity and recognition” (English | Español | Français | Português > VIDEO). The message refers to chapter 1 of Marist Voices (Introduction to Servant and Prophetic Leadership: Call and Purpose), written by Brothers Luis Carlos Gutiérrez and Ben Consigli.


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