2024-03-18 GENERAL HOUSE

Other Marist Voices 47 and 48: They evangelize us without words / Training leaders

The publication of “Other Marist Voices” continues, messages inspired by the book “Marist Voices” related to the development of servant and prophetic leadership in the Marist mission.

Other Marist Voices 47 was written by Br. Domingo Lee, Educator and Social Work Leader in South Corea – Province of East Asia, who addresses the theme “They evangelize us without words” (English | Español | Français | Português ). The message refers to chapter 8 of Marist Voices (A Listening Leadership), written by – Br. Norbert Mwila.

Other Marist Voices 48 was written by Ana Clarissa Matte Zanardo dos Santos, Educator, Director, and Researcher in the Province of Brasil Sul Amazonia, who addresses the theme “Training leaders for a challenging world” (English | Español | Français | Português > VIDEO). The message refers to chapter 21 of Marist Voices (Training and Lifelong Learning for an Emerging World), written by Br. Chano Gutiérrez.


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