2024-05-20 GENERAL HOUSE

Other Marist Voices 65 and 66: reflection on leadership / A call to Marist life

As an extended project of the “Marist Voices” initiative, from September 25, 2023, the Marist International Mission Commission promotes a series of publications related to the development of servant and prophetic leadership in Marist mission… “Other Marist Voices”. This week, we published messages 65 and 66.

Other Marist Voices 65 was written by Br. Victor Mwamba Chomba, Professor, dedicated to School Ministry and Marist Laity in Zambia – Province of Southern Africa. The message titled “An experience reflection on servant and prophet leadership” (English | Español | Français | Português) and refers to chapter 12 of Marist Voices (How Many Loaves do You Have?), written by Br. Hipólito Pérez.

Other Marist Voices 66 was written by Leonardo Soares, Executive Secretary of Umbrasil and Region of América Sur. The message titled “Prophetic and servant leadership: A call to Marist life” (English | Español | Français | Português > Video) and refers to chapter 3 of Marist Voices (What Type of Leader Do You Want To Be?), written by Br. Seán Sammon.

Other Marist Voices

This project is promoted by the Marist International Mission Commission and gives continuity to the initiative “Marist Voices”, a book launched in 2022 that addresses the theme of Marist leadership and seeks to reflect on the request of the last General Chapter that underlined that “For a new beginning, we believe in governance that favours prophetic servant leadership and closely accompanies Marist life and mission.”

120 Marists from around the world, including brothers, lay men and women, have been invited to share their perspectives on leadership from their own experiences. Each brings a unique vision and reflects on specific aspects of servant and prophetic leadership. Each week two messages are posted on the Institute’s communication channels.

This link gives you access to all the messages of this initiative, published as of September 2023.


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