2023-10-16 GENERAL HOUSE

Other Marist Voices 7 and 8: Leading with an alert awareness / How do we live empathy with people?

Continuing with its publications, Marist International Mission Commission, inspired by the book “Marist Voices “, publishes this Monday two more messages of the project “Other Marist Voices” related to the development of servant and prophetic leadership in the Marist mission.

Other Marist Voices 7 was written by Idalia Ramos, national coordinator of education, El Salvador, AmĂ©rica Central, who addresses the theme “Leading with an alert and purposeful awareness” (English | Español | Français | PortuguĂŞs â€“ Video). The message refers to chapter 20 of Marist Voices (Spiritual and Ethical Wisdom in Leadership), written by Br. Luis Carlos GutiĂ©rrez.

Other Marist Voices 8 was written by Br. Maurice Juvence, Principal. Saint Joseph School, Antsirabe, Madagascar, who deals with the theme “How do we live empathy with people or students in our Marist mission? Experiences and realities” (English | Español | Français | PortuguĂŞs â€“ Video). The message refers to chapter 17 of Marist Voices (Leading with Mary in One’s Heart), written by Br. Juan Carlos Fuertes.

Prophetic and servant leadership

The project is entitled “Other Marist Voices”. A group of Marists, brothers, and lay people will participate, who will share weekly their perceptions and reflections on servant and prophetic leadership, from their Marist mission and action fronts. All messages and videos will be available on this link.

This initiative is part of the leadership training program that the General Administration is developing to continue to inspire the exercise of responsibility, vitality, and commitment to the Marist mission (Project 16 of the General Administration’s Strategic Plan).

The 22-chapter work “Marist Voices: Essays on Servant and Prophetic Leadership” is an initiative that responds to the invitation of the XXII General Chapter that suggests “identifying and forming leaders, lay and brothers, at all levels, given growing in co-responsibility for Marist life and mission”.


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