2013-12-27 BRAZIL

Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Su

The PUCRS is the best private university of the South Region of Brasil and the 3rd in the country, according to the General Index of Courses 2012, of the Ministry of Education, which evaluated the quality of graduate, masters and doctoral courses in 2012. The Marist University obtained the grade of 3.53, on a scale of 1 to 5.

Calculation of the grade includes the weighted average of the Preliminary Concept of the Course and the concepts of the Co-ordination of the Advancement of the Higher Level Personnel, responsible for evaluating the postgraduate programmes of the institutions.

The evaluation takes into consideration the output of the students, the infrastructure of the institution, the didactic-pedagogical organisation and the effectiveness of the teaching body.

The Postgraduate Programme in Medecine and Health Sciences of the PUCRS obtained the highest grade (concept 7) in the three yearly evaluation (2010-2013) of the Co-ordination of the Advancement of Higher Level Personnel, communicated on 10 December. Another 10 postgraduate programmes obtained grade 6 –Biosciences (Zoology), Cellular and Molecular Biology, Law, Education, Philosophy, Gerontology, Biomedicine, Linguistics and Letters, Pediatrics and Child Health, Psychology and Social Service. Six courses obtained grade 5 –high level of commitment- and seven grade 4. The result shows the commitment of the University, equivalent to the most importants international centres of teaching and research. 


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