Prayer for the International forum on the Lay Marist Vocation

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We offer this simple prayer for use at different times during the International Forum. We ask everyone to join in as a Charismatic Family and entrust this journey to the Lord. This prayer can be used to open or close a community gathering or on any other suitable occasion.

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Prayer for the International forum on the Lay Marist Vocation

God our Father-Mother,
You wanted St. Marcellin’s life project
to be distinctive in expressing brotherhood and simplicity,
embracing a Marian and apostolic spirituality,
and having a deep love for young people.

Today, there are many of us Marists of Champagnat
who follow in his footsteps with audacity and hope,
who day by day enrich our distinctive vocations
as followers of Christ,
and who dream of a Marist future of being united
in the service of the Church and the world.

We know that in Your mercy
You make all things new (Rev 21:5)
and that we are all invited
to share at Your table as brothers and sisters.
We turn to You and entrust to You
the International Forum on the Lay Marist Vocation.
We ask especially for Your blessing for the Marists
who participate in this journey of dialogue and discernment.
Help us in welcoming, nurturing, living and sharing our vocation.

Send us Your Spirit so that we may know how
to read the signs of the times,
to discover the ways in which you want to lead us,
to value our diversity, recognizing that
each of us is a dwelling place of the Spirit of Your Son Jesus,
to respond faithfully to Your calls
and to grow strong as Global Charismatic Family.

Mary, Our Good Mother, pray for us.
St. Joseph, our protector and guide, pray for us.