2022-10-04 MALAYSIA

Preparation Program for Perpetual Profession 2022 for Brothers of Asia and Oceania

This program truly expresses trust in God’s Providence amidst doubts and uncertainties.

Since the last preparation program for the brothers of Asia and Oceania in 2019 in Lomeri, Fiji, plans were underway to organise the following experience in 2021.  However, the uncertainty of the pandemic forced a postponement.

The new venue at Champagnat Youth Centre in Port Dickson, Malaysia, brought new variabilities, mainly the challenge of securing visas beyond 30 days for some participants.  The team of Brs Bryan Davis, Alfredo Herrera and Tony Leon decided to create a program in two parts: 2 weeks online and four weeks face to face to respond to this issue, respecting the reality that the program will be conducted in a Muslim country.

Br. Andrew Chan became a vital team member with his local knowledge and skills in organising all the local needs before the team’s arrival and participants.

The number of participants settled into a total of 11, with the following brothers committing to this 2-phase program:
  1. Abraham King – Province of East Asia – Korea
  2. Cyril Sumugat – Province of East Asia – Philippines
  3. Engel Freed Java – Province of East Asia – Philippines
  4. Jick de Leon – Province of East Asia – Philippines
  5. Hudson Horoto – Province of Australia – Solomon Islands
  6. Raphael Fakaia – Province of Australia – Solomon Island/ Vanuatu
  7. Anitelea Fidow – District of the Pacific – Samoa
  8. Bao Nguyễn Việt – Marist District of Asia – Vietnam
  9. Thuan Pham – Marist District of Asia – Vietnam
  10. Tri Nguyễn Van – Marist District of Asia – Vietnam
  11. GuangZhao Zhang – Marist District of Asia – China
Online phase – 5-15 September 2022

The first week of the program’s online phase saw each participant sharing their Vocational Quest Story since leaving the novitiate.  It was humbling to witness the courage of these young men sharing their strength and vulnerability in their continuing discernment during their first years of Marist apostolic life.

The second week online involved several themes pertinent to the realities of being brothers today. We were graced with the following speakers and their respective strengths:

  • Dr Katrina Anderson – Wellbeing and Religious Life
  • Nathan Ahearne – Shared Marist Life
  • Br. Ben Consigli – Safe Guarding Children
  • Br. Jeff Crowe & Br. Jonnel Sisneros – Interculturality & LaValla 200
Meeting in Malaysia – 18 September – 13 October 2022

After two weeks of the online experience, it was with great delight that we welcomed the participants in person to the Champagnat Youth Centre on the 17th September. God’s providence continued to grace the program with the resolution of several immigration challenges and with a case of Dengue fever!

The 11 young brothers joyfully reconnected, having known each other from their time together at MAPAC.  The sharing of their vocation quest stories a fortnight earlier immensely assisted in this process.

The group is now at the halfway point of the 6-week program.  The first week together focused on SIMPLE LIVING – The vow of Poverty was ably led by a local priest Fr Nicholas Hoh OCD.  At the end of the week, Br. Josep María Soteras zoomed in from Rome to focus on the Marist expression of poverty through our new Constitution and Rule of Life.

In the coming weeks, the theme of CONTEMPLATIVE LISTENING – The vow of Obedience will be shared by Fr Alvin Ng SJ, followed by the Marist input by Br. Tony Clark. The theme of LOVING RELATIONSHIP – Sr Linda Lizardo RC will conduct the vow of Chastity with the Marist focus by Br. Ben Consigli.

The final week will be a week of synthesis from each participant.

There is no Marist community connected to Champagnat Youth Centre.  However, Br. Andrew had organised a gracious family who has given their time to support this program.  They are the family of the resident coordinator Rickey John. Hence a particular word of thanks to Haily, Rosalinda, Reedlee and Robby for your delicious and supportive presence. The presence of Br. Paul Ching also graces us.  They are another example of God’s Providence in this venture.

When faced with the uncertainties of the foreign territories of a post-pandemic world in a Muslim country, the miracle of this current preparation program in Port Dickson truly expresses God’s providence.  Please keep our young men preparing for their final vows in your prayers; they are surrounded by marvellous companions from beyond their familiar cultures.  May we, too, be their marvellous companions and a sign of God’s providence.


Brothers Bryan Davis and Tony Leon
26 September 2022



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