2023-10-18 GENERAL HOUSE

Preparatory Commission for the XXIII General Chapter has been appointed

During the September plenary session, the Superior General and his Council appointed the Preparatory Commission for the XXIII General Chapter. It is made up of the following Brothers: Ken McDonald, Coordinator – General Councilor; John Hazelman, Star of the Sea; Jaime Comabella Callizo, IbĂ©rica; Fortune Chakasara, Southern Africa; Anselmo Kim, East Asia (in the MDA); Brian Poulin, United States; Rogerio Mateucci, Brasil Centro-Sul; Juan Carlos Fuertes Mari, Secretary – Mediterránea; Luis Carlos GutiĂ©rrez Blanco, Vicar General; Ernesto Sánchez Barba, Superior General.

The Statutes of the General Chapter, approved by the XXII General Chapter on October 19, 2017, describes the roll of the Commission:

Two years before the opening of an ordinary General Chapter, the Brother Superior General, with his Council, appoints a Preparatory Commission. This Commission sees to all that is necessary for the Chapter to achieve its responsibilities in regard to C. 102-107. The Commission collaborates with the General Administration in regard to personnel and material needs. It may request the General Council to set up pre-Chapter groups on topics. After consulting the Administrative Units and capitulants, the Commission draws up a global plan for the work and the process of the Chapter, including a proposed closing date. The plan will be submitted to the Chapter Assembly for discussion and approval during the first days of the General Chapter (Acts of the XXII General Chapter, page 101)

The first meeting of the Commission will take place at the General House from November 27 to December 2, 2023. The XXIII General Chapter will be held in 2025.


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