2014-10-06 GERMANY

Present situation and future mission

The German Brothers gathered in Furth on Saturday 13th September to discuss the present situation in Germany as well as the future mission. This was the first such meeting of the German Brothers and almost all the Brothers attended, including those from mission lands. 

Apart from Brother Brendan, Provincial, his predecessor Brother Joe McKee, Vicar General, was also there. The assembly was very competently facilitated by Mrs Roswitha Vesper.

We began with a video of various lay Marists and volunteers who work in different continents with the Brothers. The Brothers were deeply impressed by their spirited views. These views nourish in them hope for the future. In the afternoon the Brothers described the current situations in their respective communities and their future mission. In the final session the Brothers were invited to put forward suggestions to the Provincial Council. Brother Michael Schmalzl agreed to put the ideas and suggestions before the Council.

The meeting was a hopeful step for the Brothers making way for possible further steps.

Brother Winfried Schreieck


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