2021-11-16 GENERAL HOUSE

Presentation of the New Child Safeguarding policy to the staff of the General House

The General Council, the staff of the General House and the secretariats have recently participated in formation about the new Child Safeguarding policy for the General House.
The Institute is taking steps to ensure that all our ministries are safe places for children and young people.

The 22nd General Chapter reinforced this commitment clearly stating that; the Marist Institute at all levels conforms to the highest standards of child protection, so that all our works are child safe and child friendly.

On November 10, the code of conduct that has come into use for the staff in the General House were both described during the formation.

The formation experience focused on ensuring that the General House follows this commitment to ensure the safety and well-being of children and vulnerable adults that is now so important for all Marist Administrative Units and works.


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