2017-03-24 ITALY

President of Anti-corruption National Authority attends Marist celebration

Renowned Italians attended a Marist school’s 50th anniversary, including the president of the country’s Anti-corruption National Authority, to shed light on the importance of honesty.

Italian magistrate Raffaele Cantone, a former Marist student, attended the celebration of the Cesano Maderno school in north Milan on March 15, telling of his experiencing fighting the Camorra – an Italian criminal organisation, which originated in Naples.

The former mayor of Venice and philosopher, Massimo Cacciari, also spoke at the event, which was moderated by the director of the Italian daily newspaper Corriere della Sera, Luciano Fontana.

The event, titled ‘Investing in Legality: an accessible, underused and renewable resource’ (Investire in Legalità: risorsa accessibile, sottoutilizzata, rinnovabile), covered topics such as the current crisis in values and the end of a respectable political class.

The guest speakers also reflected on the beginning of a fragile and disoriented society, the contradictions of a single currency without the support of a solid government and the paradox of a corruption that is becoming more “systemic” rather than “individual cases.”

The school’s director, Brother Giorgio Banaudi, underscored that “as a Marist school we are glad we offered this contribution to the many people of good will of our territory and we are aware that the response and reception of these issues are already, in itself, a positive sign.”


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