2020-06-17 HAITI

Prevention campaign for the Marist school communities

During this global pandemic, FMSI, ONG of the General Administration, is responding to the requests coming from all Marist communities worldwide through emergency projects. Here you can read about its participation in the activities in Haiti.

Hygiene kits and Covid-19 prevention campaign for the Marist school communities Haiti

Hundreds of thousands of Haitians are at risk from COVID19 infection in light of weak preventive and curative measures. In a country where more than half of the population lives hand-to-mouth, earning less than $2.41 per day (according to the World Bank) the hospitals have very limited Intensive care units (ICU), and a COVID19 spread could be devastating.

This proposal, co-funded by the General House of the Marist Brothers and Misean Cara, will focus on aid and prevention to contribute into the limitation of the pandemic spread and to raise the capacity in the prevention in the two areas of Haiti where Marist Brothers are present: Dame-Marie (which includes 5 municipal sections) where we run two schools: Fatima (primary) and Nativity (secondary). – Latiboliere, a small village near Jérémie, where we have two schools: Fatima (afternoon school for children school dropout – mainly children domestic workers – , primary) and Alexandre Dumas (secondary).

This proposal is targeting all students of our schools, their families, our employees and our support staff for a tot. of 1485 families.

The main components of this project are the following:

  • Distribution of nm°1485 food baskets – this component will be totally funded by the Marist Brothers General house.
  • Distribution of nm°1485 hygiene kits (1 box of laundry soap per family).
  • Awareness raising/ covid-19prevention campaign. Marist Brothers will work in a team of young people expert in the field of communication.

The help of Misean Cara and the General Administrion of the Marist Institute through FMSI will support all these activities.

FMSI interventions on Covid-19 

Despite the difficulties due to the lockdown, interventions in Syria, South Africa, Haiti are currently under implementation. All projects are designed considering safety protocols of physical distancing measures as well as Government and World Health Organization guidelines, maintaining stringent health and hygiene measures at all project sites, and among all staff and stakeholders.

SyriaMisean CaraUnder implementation15.000 €
South AfricaMisean CaraUnder implementation10.000 €
HaitiGeneral House + Misean CaraUnder implementation41.358 €* + 13.636 €
MalawiMisean CaraTo be submitted12.000 €

*Funded by the general house

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