2020-10-06 SPAIN

Prevention of child sexual abuse in the Province of Mediterránea

The Marist Province of Mediterránea has presented a paper on the prevention of child sexual abuse at the 1st Virtual Congress of Catholic Educators organised by the University Francisco de Victoria from the 24th September to the 1st October 2020 with the theme of “Affectivity and sexuality in the 21st century: education of the heart”. The Marist presentation is entitled “Breaking the silence: education, empowerment and prevention of child sexual abuse”, and is an introduction to the Campaign “We walk beside you” which is being carried out in the schools of the Mediterranean as part of the tutorial action plans to promote a culture of self-protection against abuse in students. It also reflects on the need to train teachers and inform families adequately to complement the prevention plan to be addressed in schools.

The presentation aims to give visibility in ecclesial environments to the Marist commitment in the prevention of child sexual abuse, in line with one of the challenges of the XXII General Chapter: called to “implement in a decisive and proactive way policies of protection of children against all types of abuse, in accordance with the international agreements that defend the rights of children and young people”.

Below you can follow the presentation of Fernando Domínguez del Toro, Child Protection Delegate of the Mediterranean Province:

Child protection policies

Although socially there is some reluctance to address sexual abuse issues in school settings, experts agree that one of the most important barriers to stopping abuse depends on the children themselves. Currently, several provinces in Europe are working together to review prevention plans that will ensure the formation and development of self-protection skills for all children in Marist ministries, from early ages to coming of age.


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