2014-06-03 SYRIA

Project Civilian War Wounded

On Sunday 1 June, there was a meeting of the doctors involved in the Project « Civilian War Wounded » at the Marist’s house in Aleppo. We evaluated the work accomplished over 18 months and took resolutions to continue the project. 

The « Civilian War Wounded » project is the only one in Aleppo to take freely in charge into a private hospital (l’Hôpital Saint Louis) the civilians with serious war wounds who have no means to pay for treatment. It  is open to the whole population of Aleppo and has saved in 18 months dozens of persons who would have died. It involves three partners : 

1- The doctors and surgeons who offer their services without payment ;
2- The Sisters of the Saint Louis Hospital who grant a substantial reduction on the price of rooms,  laboratory, radio, intensive care and pharmacy ;
3- The Marists who provide the financing and the administrative direction.

Nabil Antaki


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